A Pattern Emerging


Some things about Dunfermline never cease to amaze me and the more I find out about our city the more that is the case.

A few weeks ago, my colleague Frank and I went to an open day at a company called Kalopsia Collective which is situated in Gardener Street and which neither of us had even heard of before we found out about their event.

It turned out to be a very uplifting experience and an absolute pleasure to meet people like Nina and Rebekah and listen to them describe their vision for their company. 

Kalopsia Collective is a registered social enterprise which is involved in the manufacturing of textile products. Their accessories and apparel are all made from ethical and sustainable textiles gathered from a variety of sources. There is some seriously good art emerging from that place. I say art, because that is how they see their work, as the third conceptual school of artistic thought, alongside painting and sculpture.

The weird thing is, the company had absolutely no idea that by relocating to Dunfermline this year they were settling into a city with a rich history in textile manufacturing, primarily in linen of course, and Frank was able to give them a brief account of our rich history in this area. They are certainly very keen to find out more about it over the coming weeks and months.

Of course, businesses need good cash flow to expand and implement new ideas and in the long run, employ more people with the necessary skills. To this end, they have put in place a Community Bond which they hope will raise up to 100k. Bonds start at £50 each, pay 2.5% interest p.a. and everyone who buys into it will become a partner moving forward. Here is the link to find out more: kalopsiacollective.com/bond


Thank you for your continued interest in all things Dunfermline and speak soon. 




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