Billy George

Visit Dunfermline Director

Hi, I’m Billy George.

I’ve recently been added to the board of Directors here at Visit Dunfermline and would like to introduce myself.

This article also covers what’s to come both with Visit Dunfermline and in our new Email Newsletter.

Firstly about Billy George.

I was born and bred in Dunfermline and never wanted to live anywhere else. Family and friends are mostly here too. It’s the centre of my world.

That said…

As I wind down towards my ‘golden years’ having enjoyed a satisfying career of nearly 30 years in financial advice I’ve always wanted to give back to the community which has inspired me so much over the years.


Helping to build the voice of our local community (and Scotland as a whole) through the Visit Dunfermline platform dovetails well for me to contribute the love I have for this very special part of Scotland.

(Let me also publicly give special thanks to Thomas Moffat who laid the groundwork of Visit Dunfermline to what it is now before moving to pastures new. Stellar work Thomas!)

My other passions in life are...

Dunfermline Athletic - been an avid Pars fan since I was 5 Years old (for my sins!).

Music and the Arts - For a number of years I was Director of The Fire Station Creative and really enjoyed holding live events there (hopefully Visit Dunfermline will see similar events being staged once the current Covid Crisis 2.0 eases and life resumes some semblance of normality).

(A shot of yours truly above in one of our local music studios during a session - we've got a fantastic music scene in Dunfermline with huge potential to break bands worldwide again, like we once did with Big Country, Nazareth etc.)

Photography - It's a personal passion and great escape I’ve enjoyed for a while now. Additionally, with such amazing scenery on our doorstep, nature has endowed us with a treasure trove whereby even an amateur photographer like me can produce work which makes me look good!

Golf - I hack a ball or two around our many fantastic golf courses in Fife and further beyond. Great for health too, mental and physical (although my game is so bad it can be stressful at times).

Next, exciting changes coming to Visit Dunfermline.

First we’re going to be active on behalf of local businesses (see our recent Dunfermline Loves Local initiative in association with the Scottish Towns Partnership STP) across all our social media platforms. We must support our local economy during these tough times.

In addition, expect to see…

Special offers for local businesses. Events and competitions.

The building up of our Daily Newsletter.

The release of the Visit Dunfermline Mobile App...

And even the chance to appear on a new Scottish Smart TV Channel, with reach both locally and Internationally too!

Oh yes, to finish up I’d also like to introduce one or two others who are diving in to help...

Lindsay Marshall who you may already know from her fantastic work on Visit Dunfermline Social Media and articles. She'll also be writing a weekly spot for the new Visit Dunfermline Newsletter.

The other helper is a great friend of mine, Tam D. Matheson.

He’s a fellow Scot and unusual writer...

(Whose ancestors even include the illustrious Sir Walter Scott apparently).


With our wee team of other writers we're aiming to reboot our Newsletter and online presence. If you want to pitch in and give a hand, get in touch. This site is all about our community and we'd love to hear what you are doing.

So now I'll finish up.

Seven kings lie in State in Dunfermline, including the greatest, Robert The Bruce.

We have an illustrious and noble heritage…

So let's make our forebears proud!

Onwards and upwards, from Dunfermline to Scotland and out the rest of the World!

Billy George.

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