"Forget Stovies, we want curry!"

(The Calzone is legendary here actually).*




Not all of us want Stovies (or Italian) for our tea do we?




Maybe you crave Tandoori or a 'Pukka' Indian curry for dinner tonight (no shame in that... after all it's almost Scotlands national dish now, we it eat so much).

So here's a novel suggestion...


Why not cook it?


I ask because a Dunfermline eatery needs your help with their Indian dishes.


Two positions just opened for chefs to join them and help provide gorgeous Indian food to hungry Dunfermline diners.


It could be right up your street if you're looking for a culinary career or open to new challenges. 

You could be their tasty answer.


The positions are...


1. Specialist Tandoori Chef: You'll need to 'know your onions' of course. Cookery in the Tandoor oven is a field of Indian cuisine that's an art in itself. You'll help train up Junior staff too when you're established. (Expect between £20K-£26K paywise).


2. A Specialist Curry Chef: You'll work alongside the Head Chef so you won't be left on your own. It's exciting, fast moving, absorbing (and delicious) work as part of a fun team. (Expect £26K unless you can command more).

You'll also enjoy...


Hard work. Laughter. Time flies. Never a dull moment!


Fabulous food.* And a pension.


So what's for my tea?


Methi Gosht...


Ye cannae beat it!


Tam D 'Methi' Matheson

PS Can't be bothered to cook tonight?


Here are two more places for good Indian food here in Dunfermline...





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