Hire Me Not For Filthy Lucre - "Oh Go On Then" (1500 jobs?)

Tam (Almost, breaking news) D,

With something you can do for bonny loot (pay that is, if you're quick).

It doesn't apply to me...

I'm too up to my neck in pesky writing deadlines.

(Such is the lot of an huffy pen pushing hack, scratching out a living with scunnered words like these torrid misfits).

That said,

Up to 1500 workers could be needed right now...

The Scottish jobs have three bonny benefits too (if you bag one).

  1. Benefit: Your health. (Especially if you've gone stir crazy indoors lately).
  2. Benefit: Solid money (paid not in the new Scottish Crypto [watch this space btw!]) but yes... real cash for the sweat of your braw, brawny and skillful help.
  3. Benefit: Quietly eat as you go (dinnae tell the boss I said that btw... though I bet not even a saint could resist the temptation).

And finally, if the weather gets better,

This could almost be the perfect work for summer!

Plus you'll have the inner glow...

That guid wholesome feeling of helping Scots farmers like our own Iain Brown of Pittenweem.

Could you be one of those up to 1500 folk needed by bosses like him? (Oops... I think that might be 978 or less now). Hurry up if you want one!


TD Matheson.

And the 'Workers' Support Team.

PS What sort of work openings do you wish we had more of in Fife?

Let me know...

Maybe I can pull some swings.