Scottish Treasure:

Ivor Cutlass

Tam D,

With a heartfelt tribute...

(The above temporary surname substitution methinks befitting).

For his prose certainly cut with rapier like precision and vigour.

And it’s truly said...

‘He didn’t live by the same rules as everybody else.’*

Of course… I do mean Ivor Cutler the great Glaswegian.

Dead these many years, yet I can’t help wonder...

Where are today's Ivors? (Or John Peels for that matter).

Back then it seemed… unique voices were ten a penny.

  • Frank Zappa.
  • Janis Joplin.
  • Robert Wyatt (broken backs never stop a hero).

So where are our new Cutlers now?

Are you secretly one?

The new Ivor or Ivoress.

(Yet quietly hiding where no one can get you?).

If so,

Shuffle up to the mic, it’s your turn noo.


Even if you’re eccentric, you deserve a chance too.

Visit Dunfermline wants you.

Tam (Spellbound) D.

PS What’s your favourite Ivor Cutler memory?

Mine is listening under the covers to John Peel and Andy Kershaw sessions on the radio while the funny man waxed lyrical on melancholic daftness and off key, pain tinged humour.

Extraordinary joy.

Listen for yourself below...

PPS Visit Dunfermline want to give voice of the next generation of poets, authors, artists and musicians.

We want to feature you.

Yep, young or old is no barrier… or offbeat like Ivor.


If you polish your gift so it shines...

You don’t have to live by the same rules as everybody else either.

Ivor didn’t.

He cut his own path.

He did this when he was young… and still rocked it when he was old.

You can too...

Get in touch now... we've TV coming for you to appear on soon too ;)