Legends Play The Auld Grey Toun (Forget Woodstock!)


After Tam kicked off the subject (not to mention deep tea cake cravings!)...

This week I thought I’d take a look back at some of the amazing gigs that took place in Dunfermline in bygone days.

Whilst stories of a lot of the gigs are well documented, especially on the fantastic website kinemagigz.com others are less well known.

A special such gig was the night Joe Cocker played a venue in Elgin Street in 68/69 (exact details are scarce). One sure fact is proven though... mere months later he played Woodstock in front of an audience of more than 400,000!

Unfortunately, no one can corroborate as to which gig he felt was more daunting ;)


We do know Joe and some of his pals ended up staying the night at local character Jackie Heslop’s house.

Legend has it he was about to be reprimanded by his mum for sneaking a lassie home into his room for the night, when in fact...

'That's nae lassie Ma! That's Ian Anderson fe Jethro Tull!"

Another rock legend who graced a Dunfermline stage was Eric Clapton and his band Cream.

The date was 9th July 1967 and according to my pal Kip there was a pretty thin crowd in the hall as Eric, Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce took to the stage.

Kip says he did try to get some of his pals to go but said they weren’t into it as...

‘There’s nae women in The Ballroom on a Sunday.'

If you've any memories on either of these gigs or any other similar events Visit Dunfermline would be delighted to hear from you.

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Billy George