Life lessons… from your brolly!


It's wonderful to be writing for Visit Dunfermline. I am proud to call Dunfermline home and I look forward to sharing my passion for Reiki and wellbeing.

Umbrellas can be in our care for many years though they often lie abandoned, forgotten or lost, or just hanging around waiting to be of service.

They protect us from getting wet in the rain, sleet or snow, they shield us from the bracing wind, and they provide shade from the searing sun.  Umbrellas also aid us as we journey through life, letting us lean on them for support in times of need.

When a storm approaches, this is when we need our faithful friend the most.  However, the neglected and uncared for brolly can start to flap, behave unpredictably and sometimes in a dangerous and downright wild fashion and even break!  A well maintained and cared for brolly operates with ease, is strong, and provides us with all round protection and support as we navigate our day, with no sharp bits!

Like our brolly, we sometimes neglect and abandon our self-care.  We forget the importance of setting aside regular quiet time to relax and go inwards, to reflect amongst the stillness, to regain our balance, reset our boundaries, and strengthen our resilience to weather the storms that life bestows.

Self-care can be as simple as spending some quiet time reflecting on the positives of your day, lighting a candle and watching the flame, reading a book, listening to a guided meditation, learning something new, treating yourself to a Reiki session, reading a book, taking a walk outside and soaking up the sights and sounds, or reminding yourself of old creative habits which make your soul sing.  

Try always to take time for you, to take care of you, and… always look after your brolly!


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