Picts and Shovers

Tam D (armoured up).

Did you notice,

There’s a new discovery every other day now.

Some Saxon hoard, or golden booty packed Viking longboat. (Guess we’re all Detectorists now).

Yet what about us here in the glorious Kingdom of Fife?

Where’s oor treasure?

Take the Picts for example…

(Not Scots)...

The Picts, pure and simple.

Silversmiths, poets and stain masons par excellence.

(Plus fierce swordsmen so it’s reported too).

One biffy Chieftain of whom was good old Calgacus.

Whom they… boffins in the know semi-reliably translate his name to be... ‘The Swordsman’. Sharp. Steely and wide eyed.

Brave as bronze.

Twas he...

Who at the Battle of ‘Mons Graupius’ in 83 A.D. dared rally the Caledonians against Agricola when yon pesky Romans tried to shove our ancient forebears aboot the place. However brave our stand against the Italians was though… er... 'we wuz wiped out.'

The impeccably reliable Roman Historian Tacitus records the whole sorry tale.... (while openly admiring Calgacus as being ‘A man of outstanding courage and lofty, noble lineage’). Sadly… 10,000 Picts died that day.

Calgacus was never heard of again.

Not through being killed in battle though.

Seems he slipped quietly away into the mists of ancient lore.

Thus the fate and history of the Picts takes a terrible nosedive.

The Romans were not the only ones to blame either,

Those tawdry villains the Vikings share their part in the shame of our lost history too.

They took all our old Pictish Records and….

Chucked ‘em in the sea.

It’s true.

Yet another time we got shoved aboot.

So who the heck kens who we really are?

For it would appear, many Picts think they are Scots.

Yet, where did the Picts actually come from? (Good question, for another day though… this protruding article is already too long).

Yet, for a that... we’re still here.

And remnants of our ancient skills ring the air to this day.

Just look at the Scottish bands to be birthed in the area alone, not to mention steel masons like Andrew Carnegie…

He who swept the world before him across the Atlantic sea. Bet you anything… he was a Pict ;)

Of course, what do I know, I’m just wittering old Tam D.

Till tomorrow, keep your Picter up.

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