Pongo to Pongtastic! (Japanese breakthrough)



Tam D dropping in...


The beloved keeps pestering me aboot ha'eing a wash.




My feet.


She reckons every time I'm in from fishing... they emit a musty, sulphuric odour all round oor wee But n' Ben.


I blame my socks.


After a night snaffling a sea trout or two...


It's way easier just ripping my woolly socks off and heaving them into the shed with my rods and tackle. 


And so to bed...

That said,


Today I came across a brilliant invention to sort another problem I face every day as a lowly pencil shover...


Where to throw those old coffee grounds?


Now (dinnae tell abody)...


Truth be telt' I used to just heave them oot the windae...


That is until the office below me got annoyed and complained to the landlord (ruined their view apparently).


Funniest thing though...


They reported Stephen (the boff programmer) in the office next door to me...


So he got the blame :)


Had to smile (sorry Steve!)




This is the breakthrough,


The Japanese have invented...




...Made from old coffee grounds.

So amazing!




They naturally stop shoe/sock odour

They are naturally water proof.

Vegan - super sustainable


You can read more here...


"Okay Tam...


All well and good, but what's this all to do with Dunfermline?"


Glad you asked...


Do your bit. 


Drink mair coffee of course!


Then we can all wear super cool (non smelling) shoes like the Japanese.


And you're sure to...


Find a perfect brew in one of these 10 cafes in Dunfermline. 


To help the cause.


Have you tried them all yet?


Until next time,



Tam 'Odour Free' D Matheson


And the'Coffee Liberation' squad

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