Scots Life
Coorie (ku:ri) enjoying life the Scottish way
Greetings from Dunfermline on a very dreich day. Moving to Scotland has meant discovering so many new things, including words like dreich and blether, a liking for Haggis but a serious dislike for Black Pudding! Perhaps my favourite discovery has been Coorie. After a recent visit to Limekilns and a delicious meal at Coorie by the Coast, I was keen to discover more about it.
Ghoulish Goings On, Eek!
Spooky one this. Not for the faint hearted, so avert your eyes. And after a while the wifie piped up… “Ken when you had to git that ol’ poltergeist oot the hoose Tam!” “Ah yes, Evie.. I recall. Chilling, beastly entity.
Clan Tuftiness
Pride. Oft given a bad press, yet I suggest.... It’s not all bad, After all, we’re all proud of something eh? So here goes for a bit ‘O Clan Tuftiness :)