Scots Life
Young Hearted Dunfermline Entrepreneurs (only)
And while the sleet silently streaked my window in pain, threatening to snuff out the lowly candle I scratch out these miserly words by, I stumbled on a proven idea for bright new business minds (if you’re not afraid of tech that is). Nor afraid of rel_tion-chips either. Note: This is for Dunfermline only. (Don’t let anyone else in Scotland in on this). So... don’t share it.
Picts and Shovers
There’s a new discovery every other day now... Some Saxon hoard, or golden booty packed Viking longboat. (Guess we’re all Detectorists now). Yet what about us here in the glorious Kingdom of Fife? Where’s oor treasure? Take the Picts for example… (Not the Scots)...
Whanga Whopper For Twins Town And More
The Dunfermline music scene is so vibrant just now. For example, there’s a banging debut album coming out this year from local band Twins Town through newly formed record label Whanga Records. This is just one of many exciting new projects just waiting to explode onto the scene this year. Town centre studios Loopmaniac and Penthouse also have fantastic facilities for recording, filming and rehearsing.