T.D. Matheson

Visit Dunfermline Daily Newsletter Contributor

Hi, Tam D. Matheson here.

My pal Billy George may have mentioned me.

So who am I?


My granny was a Fifer (see the family photo)...

And as I take up my official capacity as contributor for Visit Dunfermline ‘Daily Newsletter (you'll probably hear from me three times a week… ish).

You can expect…

Tongue in cheek banter. Quirky history, current affairs fun.

‘Aha moments!’ a plenty from random connections.

Neeps and tatties (if you don’t behave yoursel ;).

And if you do...

Double reward points for Dunfermline, Fife and Scotland’s incredible future.

See you the morn!


PS Nothing wrong with neeps and tatties btw... but of course, not everyone likes them.

Kind of like some of my daft articles and emails on occasion.

Still no worries...

You can always unsubscribe can't you ;)