The Deep Skate

Hi Tam D checking in...

Do you believe in love at first sight?


Happened with me, many scones ago.

The classic...

"I saw a golden lassie across a crowded room."

Had to speak with her, yet ended up fobbed off with her best pal.


Still patience wins the day when it comes to affairs a la carte.

And so...

We started courting,


Whadya know... we were solid wed.

Come the honeymoon though and our trouble hit.

We hired a boat oot on the sea at Gairloch.

To go fishing... (romantic I know)...


And nearly drowned, because my newlywed hooked an absolute MONSTER SKATE.

Nearly pulled her overboard.

Snapped the line clean through,

Then when we tried to make for shore...

The motor wouldn't start.

Next the anchor stuck fast. Wind whipping and water slashing right over the back of oor tiny vessel.

In the end,

We only just fired the engine up before the waves got huge due to this 'summer storm' from nowhere. Had to cut the anchor too.

Nae choice.

Thankfully we made it back to harbour in one jeely peace, yet only just. The boat owner wasnae happy losing his anchor either.

So why all this trouble?

I guess you blame it all on the Deep Skate eh?

We do.

That said...

Despite being so beautiful.

The sea at Gairloch can be dangerous.

So why not check out Loch Fitty instead...

And in particular spend a 'wee honeymoon' of your own at Craigduckie' Shepherds huts...

Like the winner of our last summer competition?

They are spectacular.

My beloved thinks so,

"Way better than that stupid honeymoon jaunt you took me on up the highlands Tam"


Wit can a man do?

To think, we've been married 34 years too.

Until next time.

Tam D Matheson

PS Oops nearly forgot...

Our new Visit Dunfermline App makes it's grand appearance soon. When it does there will be more prizies too.

We hope bigger and better ones this time.

Almost honeymoon like you could say and nae Deep Skate to interfere either :)