Two women run Scotland now

So which one can we trust with our money?


Nicola or Liz?




Winter is approaching fast, so we'll see. 


While you ponder that...


Let me say RIP Queen Elisabeth II. 

(Queen Elizabeth II Dunfermline 1972)


In my humble opinion she was a true servant. Very few could walk in such devoted service and consistency for 70 years I suggest.


Of course,


King Charles III inherits a huge estate of vast wealth.


Which brings me to the knotty subject of family loot.


For years a kindly financial adviser advised me to squirrel away a wee nest egg. (Especially considering my paltry savings as a lowly pencil pusher).


To my shame I paid him no heed...


He'd also suggested I help my Dad set up a Trust... explaining this would speed up the executery after his passing.


I ignored him.


Big mistake.


And now Dad's away...


The time delay, plus fees to pay for wrapping up his estate added real hassle to an already sad time.


A Trust is one way I could have avoided this.


Lesson learned.




Andrew Carnegie also set up a Trust (not a family one though).


The Carnegie Dunfermline Trust.

I love his words...


"The happiness of giving is far sweeter than the pleasure direct."


True wealth indeed!


Let's look after each other this winter, eh?





Tam D Matheson


And the 'True Wealth' Support Team

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