Weird Signs At St. Andrews?

Tam D, here.

Mysterious news.

And it seems, Scotland is chock full o’ them.

The latest even reach the exalted pages of the Scotsman no less.

They document mysterious flying balls of light seen over Grangemouth in October 2020.


Scotland really seems to be a Mecca for the slippery, silvery alien crafts.


The Daily Record’s notes 33 sightings of UFOs were captured in 2020.

Including these smoking chariots of fire in Arbroath (15 MAY)…

“Two saucer shaped lights zipped across the sky at phenomenal speeds together as if attached. This happened numerous times from 11.30pm until 3am.”

What do you make of that?

Nonsense or real ‘down to sky’ space saucery?

And while you ponder, Arbroath is not the only Scottish town where ‘weird new signs’ have been spotted lately.

Some have actually LANDED in the home of world golf itself... St. Andrews Old Course!


Never before seen in Scotland,

It’s discovered they are made...

Of a strange new ‘sci-fi’ type material (which seems almost indestructible).

They’re not ‘Aliens’ though.

No (these hail from a different galaxy). They are called ‘Halien’. I speak of the justly famous ‘Halien Post System’ birthed by John Young and his dedicated team of ‘flying sign makers’ over at Cowdenbeath.

It’s a new type of sign invading Scotland.

It’s true.

St. Andrews Golf Course love what they cooked up in the lab for their pristine courses.

The green keepers love them too.

See for yourself here.

Okay sky watcher...

See you tomorrow,

With another ripping yarn.

Tam D Matheson.

PS Nice to see a local business put those old ‘aliens’ to flight eh ;) Goes to show, ‘Made in Scotland’ goes a long way… even light years!

So if you want a sign for either lowly bothy, mansion or ship beyond the stars. Check out the Halian sign craft… it’s out of this world ;)