Whanga Whopper For Twins Town And More

Having been involved in the Dunfermline live music scene for 40 years the lack of live gigs during the pandemic has almost been like a dagger through my soul.

Especially frustrating because of how vibrant the music scene is just now.

For example, there’s a banging debut album coming out this year from local band Twins Town through newly formed record label Whanga Records.

This is just one of many exciting new projects just waiting to explode onto the scene this year.

Other Dunfermline town centre studios Loopmaniac and Penthouse have fantastic facilities for recording, filming and rehearsing.

We’ve certainly come a long way from my days in the band where you were grateful for any rehearsal space, whether it was a stone cold garage with a one bar electric fire or a kitchen and bathroom warehouse.

(Where btw, moving baths and sinks out the way to create practice space was an absolute necessity).

The successes of bands such as Nazareth, Skids and Big Country are well documented but that is only part of the story where The Dunfermline music scene is concerned. Hundreds of bands have contributed to the rich and diverse musical culture for decades now.

Yes, to varying degrees of success perhaps... but the stories I could tell would fill several books, such as the day Slurpy Gloop played on the roof of Shafis in Chapel Street.


I’ll keep those for another day ;)

As with everyone else I’m just looking forward to getting back out to see live music and hoping that some of these new bands can emulate past successes.

All the best,

Billy George.

PS Got any bands you want us to feature?

Just let us know.

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