Young Hearted Dunfermline Entrepreneurs (only)

Tam (Carnegie) D,

Woke up at 4.00am bright and fluffy this morning.

(Thought I’d have a lie in… after all, it is technically still lockdown).


After seizing a cup o’ brew...

And while the rain silently streaked my window in pain, threatening to snuff out the lowly candle I scratch out these miserly words by, I had a proven idea for bright new business minds (if you’re not afraid of tech that is). Nor afraid of rel_tion-chips either.

Note: This is for Dunfermline. (Don’t let anyone else in Scotland in on this).


Don’t share it.

Until that is,

You’ve bagged this fat pheasant.


Safely left the Estate without being noticed after plundering the Lairds hoose from right under his nose.

Once home though…

It’s a different tale.

After it’s plucked and hanging safely in your larder.

And you launch this sleeked eyed wonder… so it may turn pennies into piles of limitless gleaming doubloons...

Then tell as many as you can (the more the merrier in fact).


What’s the drab idea?

It’s simple,

Launch something like...

  • Scottish Girl Friends Dot Com.
  • Scottish Boy Friends Dot Com.

You get the driftwood.

Listen, this could fly…

Because dating is never going out of fashion eh?

And not just here in Scotland either.


We’ve a snuggly influential, connected diaspora, especially in the most lucrative dating market on earth - the good ol’ USA.

And as we all know they dearly love we rugged, oat swilling Scots.

So how much to jump the rip tide and high seas of this risky ‘love-tech’ adventure?

It’s affordable pal...


Or translated into King Billy's cash oor end… under a fiver.

Best be quick though,

Decent domains are rarer than hens teeth…

Especially those with a proven business idea built right into them.

And, it appears dating is one such proven idea.

According to Emarketer global dating app revenue is set to hit $5.7 billion by 2025.

Hmmm... “Thanks Tam. Maybe I’ll think it over.”

Nae worries Beth… you're welcome.

Deluge is over noo, sun glinting over the hill... nice :)

Tam (Insighter) D.

PS Last thought…

Did you know domain names themselves, the right ones (say with built in ‘ideas’) can trigger crazy bidding wars?

Look at these...

  • - Sold 13 MAY 2020 - $180,000 (Sedo)
  • - Sold 15 FEB 2020 - $150,000 (Sedo)
  • - (A ‘whale’ worth $49,700,00.00 - GoDaddy reported 18 JUNE 2019)


Even if you don’t do anything with the business.

  • With no website.
  • No users.
  • No sales.

Just the name alone…

Even if you bought it for a paltry $6.75… the right investors could make you a kingly offer.

Food for thought eh?

PPS We’re going to be holding some ‘Carnegie Days’ business webinar workshops soon.

If you’re a local business owner, who had to ‘pivot’ during lockdown…

Or if you’d like to take an idea you’ve got and launch from scratch, maybe you’d like to join us.

Especially if you want to reach global audiences. We’ll let you know.

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